Awesome Yard Game: Kubb

Our family loves yard games! Seriously we own about every lawn and catch & release game you can think of. We love ladder golf, bocce ball, badminton, croquet and the like! This one, Kubb, is going down in the books as an top favorite. It was a hit and all ages and activity levels can play.

The object is to take out the king in the middle, but you can't do that until you knock down all the kubbs on the opposite side. As the game goes on they move and switch sides for various reasons. It's pretty fantastic. 

We had a little debate on how to say the name. Is it cube, cub, cubee? We don't know but we love it! Think horshoes in the level of activity but there is more involved with strategy and a larger playing area plus you can play with 2-6 players. We actually had 9 so we made 3 teams of three and rotated through while the off team sat on the side lines and cheered. Seriously it is a great find! Plus it would make a great gift if you are looking for one!


You can get it at Amazon, surprise! Here is the link wink