Higher Power

Photo cred

my friend jen

Ponder moment! What are you currently doing in your life that involves a higher power? Just take a few seconds to think about it....

It's a powerful list when you realize what you are involved in. Are you taking care of someone? Are you taking care of lots of people? Are you increasing your knowledge? Are you helping others around you, in this life? Are you helping those who have passed? Are you teaching? Mentoring? Are you trying to influence those around you for good? In what ways are you growing and recognizing life lessons? Are you connecting with yourself?

I feel like making this list helps us to realize the things that we are doing in our lives that really matter and when we recognize this we can live life with more purpose. Most likely you are already doing these things, recognizing them brings reverence, love and purpose into your heart.

We all need purpose, every human being. We need to know why we wake up in the morning. It might be a life that you are already living but by taking just a minute to recognize what is at your fingertips, and what is within your power by involving a higher power, makes you wake up just a little differently, with more desire to do and understand and to give love to this world and those in your path. Contemplation is a powerful thing. It only takes a sec.