License Plate Race

I have some pretty great sisters. The kind that are like second moms to my kiddos. They have always made life just a little dreamy for my boys. Not only do they play with them & spoil them but they are always doing super random things with them that are the kind of activities that stimulate their brains. They are those wholesome kind of things you know?? I guess it helps balance out the spoiling! 

My sister Shelly is the one who put this fun one together. She printed a sheet of all the license plates. You can find it for your clan below by clicking on "PRINT." Get this, she printed one for my kids, one for her and one for my sister April. She told them it's a race and the winner gets a prize. Knowing her they will all go for ice cream or something fun, and my kids know that but they want to win all the same!

So it has ignited eyes on the road. More desire to join me if I am running errands. Driving through hotel parking lots to see who is visiting our city. Conversations about how long that person must have been driving! It has promoted awareness for my kids paying attention to their world and at the same time distraction at just the right time, say during a fight on the road and a call to check out that license plate! LOL!! OH it has also provoked lots of texting with Aunts showing off the license plates they got and receiving similar texts back leaving my kids saying, "dang we have got to find Alaska!" 

Here is their progress or "bragging rights" so far.... My sisters are good sports, they have had this picture, with a growing number of purple x"s, text to them so many times!! 😂 

FullSizeRender 83.jpg

Print yours and make it fun. Use it as a summer theme or as a game for a long road trip. Get into it and have fun!