Simple Summer Games

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Summer is so much fun!  But lets be honest, part of it is intervening before kids take the "messing" with each other too far! I find that if my kids have something fun going on then it shifts their energy from messing with each other to playing with each other. 

Here is a list of some super simple games that kids can play with just a beach ball, or two, and some things you probably have at home. 

Count the bumps. 

Divide into two teams. Stand in a circle and see which team can get the most bounces without letting the ball drop. You can also do this one holding hands in a circle only using feet and having to restart if the ball drops or if you have to break a hand hold.

Play beach ball soccer.

Place two laundry baskets at the ends of the field for goals. Play with one ball and pass it to each other while keeping it off the ground. No running while holding the ball, only passing, bumping the ball the way you would in volleyball. If it hits the ground it defaults to the other team. A goal is made when the beach ball lands in the laundry basket. 

Steal the beach ball.

Divide into two teams. Each person on each team gets a number, starting both teams with the number one. Place the beach ball in the middle with each team lined up behind their boundary line. As soon as their number is called they run to the middle to grab the beach ball. There should be one runner from each team. They can score a point in 3 ways. #1 - If a runner grabs the ball and makes it across their boundary line without being tagged. #2 - If a runner tags the person with the ball before they make it back to their boundary line. #3 - One point to the opposing team if a person drops the ball before they make it back to their boundary line. 

Play beach ball volleyball.

Set up a net and get some towels. If you don't have a net you can just use a rope. Divide into two teams. Have everyone on each team get into two's and give them a towel. With the towel they catch and return the ball over the net. Score like volleyball.

Keep it simple with things you can do to make your house fun where kids are focused on playing! Happy Summer!