One of my life mentors had a principle, she said, “get ready in the morning and take care of yourself but don’t be one of those women that has to constantly check the mirror to see if you look ok.” When you look at your reflection what do you see? Do you feel out of place? Like an ugly duckling? 

I love this quote! "Mirrors should think longer before they reflect."  -Jean Cocteau

Oh how I wish this were possible! I feel like this idea would leave us feeling less like the ugly duckling, waiting for the someday when we look just right, and more able to see ourselves for who we really are.  I like to think of what we are becoming and how we are sharing that with this world. I remember learning as a young girl that even the most beautiful girl in the world could be a spiritual cripple. This hit me hard. This is when I really started to see a little beyond the mirror and love who I was becoming. Reflect who you are becoming. Be real and share yourself with this world, we need you! We need your love and energy and we need to learn and gain depth from you! Love yourself, give others this same leeway and it will start to show up in your life. Give yourself permission to see who you really are and see others that same way. Get out there and reflect!