Video: Yoga With The Kiddos

My kids think I''m "crazy" and "weird!" That's ok, I am. Plus I tell them I like being that way, at least I live with self expression! 

So yoga & my kids? I dream of them doing yoga on a consistent basis. I know it would help them prevent injuries and even their hips out again after kicking all those soccer balls with mainly one side of their body. They resist me. What's new right? They resist me especially when I want to take them to the studio...but, I find that if I offer it at home they will join me. It is good for their bodies but it also is crazy good for their minds! So today I just wanted to share that I think is fantastic. They have world renowned yoga teachers for all levels and times. It's $15 per month, it's a pretty great deal if you are looking for a way to get your kiddos into down dog at home! Namasta mama!