Time For Self

Time with self is sacred. No matter how many kids you have, how big your family is, how many friends you have. how many jobs you have, or how many responsibilities you have, your time with self is sacred! It is what allows you introspection. Your time with self is what allows you to play your part in this beautiful world.

The Shakespeare play As You Like It refers to this world being a stage. That the men and women in this world are playing their parts, playing their roles. That through our lifetime we play many roles. When we take a step back and look at our life this way it's like an out of body experience. Approaching life in this way we can bring awareness to the roles that we play, The introspection that comes from time with self allows us the space to think of how we want to play our parts. Give yourself the time to know and feel how the parts you play should look on this beautiful stage. 🌎 

One of my favorite poems ever states "If you can play your part in the world of men, Why the Critic will call it good." Love your part and the influence you have over how you live it ❤️ 

- Inspired by Jasher Feellove                                                                                                                 -- Yoga with a message is the best kind!