Eggs & Madras Lentils

This is one of the most simple and absolutely mouth watering breakfasts that I eat! Oh my goodness! The idea came from My Friend Lisa and she adds a little chorizo as well. That is always an option if your peeps are chorizo lovers.


Just scramble your eggs and add cheese. Heat Madras lentils and serve over the top with a fresh tortilla. 

If you want it a little more health conscious just ditch the cheese and tortilla, it still tastes amazing! 


Here are the Madras lentils I am talking about. You can also find them at Costco 😉  They are fantastic!  They have lentils and red beans in an amazing sauce!


Below is a video I did of how to make the perfect scrambled eggs if your egg making skills needs a little love or just a secret ingredient! Enjoy!