The Sunset Orange Truck

Last night we were driving home from a soccer tournament. We had been on the road for about 4 hours when we started to get close to my hometown, where my family still lives. We live another 50 miles south of them and might have just drove straight home, instead of stopping. We do see them often and thought it might be best to just get home and get settled. 

I was driving. When we were about 20 miles from going through my hometown I saw a truck getting onto the freeway that looked just like my Dad’s. It is, in his words, “sunset orange” and it has a shell on the back, so pretty unusual. As the truck started on the freeway ramp I had some tender thoughts about my Dad and was grateful for the reminder of him. I miss him so much, he graduated 14 years ago. 

As I was having these fond “memorial” thoughts about my Dad the gap grew small between us & the truck and I could see that the truck actually was my Dad’s truck! It was full of my family.  They had started memorial day off by visiting the graves of my Dad and my little girl and then they went fishing. All my family was together except me and my people and I can just see my Dad saying “NOT TODAY!”  I believe he had a hand in that chance meeting on the freeway driving 80 miles an hour, lining it all up. Proving to us that he still has a way of showing up in our lives. Teaching me that on memorial day when I am not even thinking of him that he will show up for me. We followed that truck to my Mom’s house and we caught up and loved on each other, especially that little nephew of mine, for about an hour. Then as we were leaving my Mom’s we saw this beautiful sunset, sunsets and sunrise’s were my Dad’s absolute favorite thing, hence the “sunset orange” truck. As i looked at that sunset I felt him and his hand completing the experience of keeping his family together.

So grateful for Memorial Day turning our hearts to our dearest loved ones who have departed from this mortal existence. Grateful for the tender mercies that make little miracles like this possible. Families really are forever, far beyond what our mortal minds can even imagine.