Road Trippin with Kids

Road trips are blissful!  Sometimes. I love the get away and the way my boys seem to become best friends again when we leave friends behind & when they get to explore this world together BUT sometimes it doesn't always go so well. So, I am going to share with you two tips and a fun car game that help keep all bad attitudes at bay and keep the peace in the car! 

#1 - A roll of quarters goes a long way

This is something my Mom & Dad did with us as kids while we were on family road trips.  They gave us the roll of quarters and told us that it could be used for anything we wanted on the trip BUT first we had to keep it! Starting out, it was all ours, the things that could get it taken away from us is if we asked, "Are we there yet?" or any fighting or a bad attitude!  That cost us a quarter. Yikes!  When we arrived at our destination we could spend all that we had left how we chose and then they gave us more on the ride home. It is brilliant and works exceptionally well for long car rides!  -- Plus you will give them the money for a souvineer or ice cream anyway! Why not make it useful?

#2 - All electronics have to wait for three hours

Trust me when you start out on a long journey this will buy you so much happiness as the trip goes on. It goes for movies too. My kids know that if we are taking a trip shorter than three hours we don't even plan on watching movies. I want them to experience life -- like real life. I want them to appreciate the real pace at which life passes. I hope for them to look out the window and notice the world around them. AND my truest hope is that we can actually be relating to each other! Like if we have a good conversation or have fun while playing a game. Plus it gives reason again to pack games, crossword puzzles and books. These things don't happen when electronics are involved. Then after the three hour mark passes AND trust me they will be aware of it, then they can start a movie or play a device. This creates more bliss and never forget that YOU are the one creating this! You have so much control over their brains turning to mush and the soaring attitude, you just have to take it!

#3 - The ABC game

This is one that we love to play as a family and it doesn't require any preparation. The only thing that it does require is that you are driving through a city, big or small.  We divide into teams and each team works through the alphabet together. You call out the letters that you see in order and the word you saw them in. Like, "A in Applebee's!" The other team cannot use the same letter you did. You can also use license plates, "B in that license plate!" While pointing your finger towards the car you saw it on. This helps keep everyone accountable. It goes really fast except there is usually a stall on some letters like Q & Z. That give the other team a chance to catch up if they are behind. The more you play the faster it gets and it is a fun game to always have in your back pocket with no preparation required!

HOPEFULLY these ideas make your road trips so much smoother! Here's to family memories!