Zombies & Cell Phones

Below is a clip from a movie that I really like. AND if you know me I don't really like anything to do with zombies or scary stuff BUT there was something about this movie that I connected with.  There is something extremely profound that happens at the beginning of this movie. See, the zombies cannot talk to each other but here you see him desperately wanting to. I love the flashback to what life "used" to be like, referring to the way it is now, and the oxymoron of what we are capable of but are completely failing at! 

I feel a little hypersensitive to what our phones make us. I always have been. I resisted the smart phone for as long as I could and I have to talk myself into occasionally allowing my kids faces to be buried in them. I feel like so much of the time our phones do make us more like the zombies than the real live warm bodies that we are.  Even when we are trying to be respectful and only check our phone if it is our kids or other emergencies during conversations, our phones are sill giving us just a slight stutter in our conversations. Crazy that we used to live without this! Without our cell phones always in reach! I think that would make so many of us feel so uneasy as we have grown so accustom to them being an extension of our arm! Seriously, if I lost my cell phone right now!?! I don't even like to think about it.

So to add to these feelings a few interesting facts about what our phones are actually doing to us. When I found out about this "brain hacking" video we were with some friends. We were talking about cell phones and our friend Justin he said, "Cell phone companies are trying to get us addicted to our phones." I said, "That's not new!" Then he followed with, "But for they are finally admitting to it!"  -- I knew I needed to check out this "brain hacking video."  (Click on the green words to watch the video.) 

Shocking right! Wow. I think the thing that got under my skin the most was the stuff about cortisol being released ALL. THE. TIME. Did you know that when we have that much cortisol from the fight or flight that it can actually be hard on our adrenal glands, which can lead to adrenal fatigue which can lead to autoimmune disorders. Seriously? K double wow. Time to balance out. Next is a video on what we can do about this. 

"Our thumb gets in a habit." GUILTY! OH SO GULITY!  It is sad how much I have resisted cell phones yet how now that I have one it has become normal to check in with my phone. For my thumb to "get in the habit." I'm NOT EVEN KIDDING sometimes I get on my phone to do something entirely different and find myself on Instagram! What the?

I love the idea of scrambling often so that this can help me break habits! I love the suggestions on limiting notifications. I am a huge believer in taking breaks from our phones. Like trying to see if you can live without it for a day or moments of time.  I especially think this is essential for kids to be able to go on a vacation without their phone or periodically go to school with no phone. Learning to control it and showing ourselves that we own it are things we will constantly have to come back to, like writing this post for me -- last week I checked Instagram way too much! It made me feel gross. Too much exposure leads to negative feelings and thoughts -- AND -- I wouldn't even say that what I was viewing was bad or harmful to self perception. BUT it was the amount for me that left me feeling down in the dumps. My thumb and those dang stories! Dang I need to show my phone who is boss! Power is knowing and acting right! I cheated on Insta with a book and already started to feel better. I made a few conscious choices not to click that button and now feel like a warm body. HOPING to always check in with this to avoid all zombie possibilities!


Make it a Family Night

Watch the videos and talk about this balance with your families. Add this song & this scripture to this message to encourage a spiritual conversation and to bring awareness into the walls of your home!