Easter Garden

I love adding this to our home during Easter. I love the extra green. I love that that feels good to me and that this alone is a huge symbol of Easter, the newness of life. To make your own gather similar ingredients. We use;

  •  a plastic water catcher for a huge pot
  • a small plastic pot
  • planting soil
  • rocks
  • wheat
  • newspaper
  • a squirt bottle. 

Trim 1/3 off the side of your small plastic pot.

Arrange pot inside of the large water catcher. Add soil and cover with a layer of wheat. Mist wheat and soil until damp.

Scoot wheat to the side and place stones to create a walking path. Or whatever design you want to form your garden.

Putting newspaper on the top of the wheat will help the moisture stay inside. Continue to mist paper and wheat 2 to 3 times per day until wheat grows... about 5 days. Then remove paper to green the grass. Your grass will continue to grow and you can trim it to your liking.

We have a few props that we have gathered over the years that we place in the garden, particularly moving them around on the days that the events happened. On Friday we always roll the rock in front of the tomb and place the Roman guard in front (I need to get another one!) And on Sunday we roll back the stone place linens on the bench inside and place Mary and Christ in the Garden. 

I love the visuals that remind me of the events of this holiday. The first year that we made an Easter garden we also had the theme song There is a Green Hill Far Away. (Every year we choose a new theme song that we learn the words to.) That year one of my kids ventured into the yard and found some small sticks and fashioned three crosses that he put on the top of the hill. Every time I walked by the Easter garden, I had the song in my head and the visual representation that my son was "getting it" and my heart would swell. 

To me there is power in learning of the details of Easter and bringing them to life. There is power in the study of the events that surround the act of Christ performing what we call the atonement. The more I learn the more the gratitude burns in my heart for my Savior and who HE is to me, personally.

Happy Easter in all that you do that surrounds this holiday!