My Swimsuits Best Friend

There is a lot going on in the rubbing department when we mix skin and water! Heaven forbid we through in a little salt and sand! Bodyglide and Tend are must haves for any beach/water vacation. 

For my boys Bodyglide works to help prevent the redness and rubbing that occurs between the legs when running in and out of salt water all day. Usually I have them apply it in the morning and it lasts all day. A day without this at the beach with my kiddos sends us home with red, sore dryness between their legs. When we discovered this the boys had relief! This could also be used to prevent rubbing from lifejackets or boogie boards and the like. Anywhere there is skin irritation from rubbing. Preferably using it to prevent irritation.

For me, its my bikini line. The Bodyglide saves me from the rubbing and irritation! I apply it the same as the boys, before we head out to swim, only I use it salt or no salt. It forms a layer of protection and allows me to be in a swimsuit all week if necessary on vacation! 

The tend I use a little differently. It helps to prevent shaving irritation and is basically aftershave, for girls! Only, anyone can use it wherever you experience bumps or irritation from shaving. So I use this just after I shave on my bikini line. My skin type thanks me! 

The combo of these two products has made beach and lake days more playful. So happy to know about them. 😁 Hoping it makes your playtime more enjoyable!