Yoga Starts When You Walk Out Of Class

In yoga we practice. We practice beautiful things. Much more than movement alone, we practice; 

  • The union of movement and breath
  • Acceptance
  • Being aware -- (and, not being aware!! LOL!)
  • Leading with our heart center
  • Balance 
  • Being present

These are a few of the beautiful concepts that we learn when yoga is taught with a message!  This week, Lisa @ Be Hot taught that the actual practice of yoga starts when we walk out of the room. That yoga, the action, or the class, is the preparation for what happens when we walk out and begin to practice yoga in our lives.

Yoga things are always like this and this is part of why I love it so much. The concepts completely flip your thoughts over! We think, that yoga and going to yoga is the practice of yoga, BUT NO, it's where you learn how to practice yoga in your life.

It's like learning, in class, that everything we need is already inside us. In class we feel that peace and the connection of that acceptance, accepting that we already are what we need to be, at least for this moment. BUT here is where the practice comes in. The practice happens in life outside the yoga room, when we struggle accepting who we are. When the corners of our mind grow dark. This is the time that we practice, truly practice what we learned when we were feeling peace inside the sunlit yoga room! 

Beautiful! Practice yoga TO practice yoga! I love it.