Easter Resources

We measure time by it. Have you ever thought about that? That weather or not it happened is not really a question. There are many beliefs about how and what exactly happened but not IF it happened. It is such a pivotal event that we measure time by it. 

I love this thought. Easter is hands down my favorite holiday. And according to what I believe it is the most meaningful holiday, even more so than Christmas. I grew up knowing of its importance. I was taught well by my parents and at church, BUT the actual event of Easter pretty much boiled down to the bunny. The dying and hunting for eggs, candy, family picnics and church. Great memories. However a few years ago I learned more. I learned ways to combine the fun and also bring so much meaning to the holiday.

For me Easter has become a time of personal reflection, study and learning. As well as doing more worshipful activities as a family. I love the way that this sets the stage for the holiday and prepares my heart to appreciate that glorious Sunday.


This book, A Christ Centered Easter, is the first thing that I came across that helped me gain a desire to celebrate Easter a little differently than I did growing up. It is full of ideas that are fantastic to do with your family the week leading up to Easter. It has many that you can choose from for both, older children and younger children. It also has recipe ideas and the back is a parallel account of all the scriptures that surround Christ's ministry. It is so cool that it is laid out side by side for each event! This book gave our family the recipe for our Easter morning rolls. They are sweet and hollow inside, like the tomb was on Easter morning. 


This book, God So Loved The World, is the meat! Wow! I never knew so much about this event. I never completely understood the political unrest and conspiracies that led to Christs death until I read this book. This book allowed a much deeper understanding for me and it changed the way I am able to teach my children about these events. It is full of incredible insights and beautiful pictures that have helped me envision the Easter story. I love it.





Click here for my favorite Easter playlist, accessible through Apple Music.

These three albums are my most played at Easter. I love them! 

These are fantastic resources. I only listed my absolute favorites from the past 5 years or so. They have influenced some things that we do every year and have inspired new fun from year to year as well. Some of the traditions that have stuck for our family are Easter themed Family nights for one month prior to Easter. My personal study each year. Doing the "Easter Bunny" on Saturday morning so that Sunday is more reverent. Easter morning sunrise and breakfast that is centered around the hollow sweet rolls. These are the traditions that we do every year and the other activities we have done vary each year.

 Some of those have been; making our own tomb, or Easter garden, and planting wheat grass on it and watching it grow. Making parables come to life, like the time we made our own oil lamps. Using object lessons to teach, like when we put white carnations in water with red food coloring to show how Christ took upon Him our sins. Eating a Jerusalem style dinner, sitting on the floor eating regional foods. Going on a different kind of Easter egg hunt, what was in the eggs told the Easter story. These are a few of the examples of the fun things we have done each year. Yes it has totally been worth it in the end. Just adapting a few things will make Easter more meaningful for your family.  Hoping you find joy in your celebrations!