Start With Your Heart

The heart chakra is a point of energy in your body. It is in the center of all the chakras and the one that marry's the physical chakras, lower than the heart, to the spiritual chakras, higher than the heart. 💚 The heart is responsible for connection. Not a surprise to me in the least!  

The translation to the word chakra is wheel -- so when you are doing work to open your heart chakra you are doing work to get the energy spinning, moving. Whenever you do a pose that has the potential to open your heart; a baby backbend, wheel, wild thing, fish -- think of it opening your heart chakra, of moving that energy, of connecting physical and spiritual and allowing the possibility to love more.

Loving is a choice everyday. AND loving ourselves is often where it is so hard to start. Since love starts with loving ourselves no wonder so many walk through this life with stone faces, without the ability to love.

"To love you have to start with yourself, you have to forgive yourself if you want to love. What if everyone in your life treated you like you treat yourself? Would that be a good thing?"                                       -- Wise words from one of my yoga teachers Jasher Feellove

Lift your heart, open your heart, lead with your heart. Even when simply walking, lead with your heart. My heart loves that you are here reading this, working on your own heart. Namaste.