Surprise!  I didn't even water my garden all winter and I am greeted with this lovely.

The great thing about arugula is that it is so hearty and the bad thing about arugula.... you guessed it, it's so hearty.  When my sister saw that I was so proud of my arugula growing in my garden she asked me why I wanted to grow a weed. LOL! We had a good laugh. When she was living in Italy it was everywhere, too much. BUT it tastes so great!! 

So here's my advice.  If I were to replant I would designate an area and then be carful no to let it go to seed. It is much like mint in the way that it spreads.  You give it an inch and it takes a yard.

Luckily with arugula it comes to life in my climate in the winter and then dies as soon as temps start to really heat up in the summer. Like once it starts to get above 90 degrees for a high. 

So if you can contain it, it can contribute to some serious flavor on your table!  I love it on pizza with olive oil instead of marinara, add pears and blue cheese. Bake the pizza and then put chopped arugula on the pizza right after it comes out of the oven, Yummo!!

Or try this delectable dish!  Can you tell I absolutely love the combo of blue cheese, pears and arugula?!?! 

Love arugula season!