Fix My Body

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my friend malea

In yoga today, I couldn't do this. I couldn't even do the simplest of poses, plank. My wrist is jacked! Here is what happened. During the mouth surgery I had, (I was awake) my body and head were turned to the side in a weird way so the doctor could get into my mouth. While in this position my body was feeling a lot of tension. Partly because there was a graft being taken from the roof of my mouth and partly because the book I was listening to, to distract me, was also going through a very tense part. Like even a bloody tense part and there was nothing I could do to change it!! I couldn't move to pause it, or take the buds out of my ears, nor could I talk!!!  And of course, in the moment, I was torn from being so engrossed in the ending of a really great book and trying to breathe through a hole being cut in my body, not a fence I want to be on again! This is hilarious and also so sad! Right? 

Needless to say I experienced intense body sweats and tension while in a crazy position. This caused my spine to be a little out of whack pinching a nerve that runs all the way from my spine to my wrist. My father-In-law is a chiropractor and he diagnosed me. After not having much movement in my wrist for over a week, he adjusted me and I gained a little movement. Two days later, (today) I went to yoga, and I am gaining more movement. While I couldn't put pressure on my wrist today in yoga I still went to class because I knew it would help me with the root problem going on in my back. It's not better yet but it is improved. I am so grateful to have tools like my father in law, yoga and fascia to help me rehab the issue. Seriously, there are all kinds of things around us that we can use to help ourselves heal. Aren't you grateful for that? Today especially, I am. Grateful and committed to getting my wrist back! No more intense books while going through a crazy surgery that I already knew I would struggle with!  Holy smartness! I didn't see that one coming.🤣🤣