Most Important Person In The Room


One of my most important “yoga memories” happened when I arrived late, to a yoga class. 🔹
I have a great relationship with my instructor and when she spoke to the class she also spoke to just me, you know how that is? 🔹
So she talked to us about respecting all the people in the room by telling us that we are not the most important person in the room. When we walk into the room to get “our” yoga practice in, we forget that we are also there to give energy to others. 🔹
If we focus on giving what we need comes back to us. So in life find ways to be quite when you enter the room, or move your mat over to make space for someone else, smile & feel love in your hearts for others. It drives away negative, selfish & overwhelming feelings that come to us sometimes, don’t let them stay. Give love ❤️