Margarita Classic Salad

Photo cred

my friend jen

This is an all time classic salad and it is probably the salad I serve the most. Sometimes omitting the basil and pine nuts, depending on the meal I am serving.  This salad is honestly such an uplift to ANYTHING else that is on the table. I believe in salad!  Here's to eating your veggies!  They might as well blow up your taste buds, right?!?!?


Margarita Classic Salad


9 cups spring mix 

3/4 cup fresh basil

1 yellow pepper

1 orange pepper

1 can Lindsay olives 

1 cucumber

3 tomatoes

1/2 bunch green onions

1 log fresh mozzarella cheese 

3/4 cup pinenuts

Chop your greens.  Trust me. Salads are so much easier to eat when the greens are appropriately sized! Dice all veggies and add to the greens. Cube mozzarella.  Add mozzarella and pine nuts to the salad.  Drizzle with balsamic vienagar and olive oil.  I usually let individuals do this on their own so they can choose their saturation level and so that the salad is nice and crisp when they are ready to eat.  You can also add salt & pepper to taste.  Buon appetito!