Grandma Ginger Stories

Can I just say, trust me? Because I am wondering how my words can do these stories justice. There is so much value in Gingers work. She has gathered and recorded, for audio listening, stories for kids. Stories that make them think. They also make them laugh and they learn a lot. Plus I enjoy listening to them as well, which is a huge plus.

(Sometimes we really do things for our kids that might not be our first choice for listening! Jake and I were laughing about this the other day. Take a normal young couple, give them a baby and its funny how many more music genres are opened to them and the new songs that they learn word for word! We love our Raffi days!) 

So many incredible conversations have stirred with my kids as they listen to the stories by Grandma Ginger. They are great for kids at any age.  Even the tiny kids, her voice is comforting and has a way of calming them. Anytime I can elicit this, 

the stare that I love. The stare, or drishti, if you will. The focused gaze of concentration. When you know that they are listening AND thinking.  They are calm and giving their brain good stimulation. This is the same look I have seen on all of my kids as they have listened to Grandma Ginger. 

When they are about four, the stories start to hit home. They start to open doors that allow conversation on their level. Even as they grow older, I love to sneak these stories in. It is tough to compete with main stream music but I tell them we do it for our youngest, Tyce. Not sure what I will do to sneak it in for Tyce! 

Ginger has Stories That Make You Think, Bible stories told on kids level and she even has recorded some of her families stories that are still great lessons for all of us.  Reminders that bring us back to earth, teach us to be kind, to share, to respect grandparents, be true to yourself, to pay attention to your own gift of discernment, knowing how to pass when offered something you don't want in your body, being aware of others and what they are going through. You guys, so many things!  They are incredible. She is incredible. So good for trips or just carpooling around town.

Plus they are FREE!

My only wish is that if you download them and love them, please tell her! You can send her a comment on the page you download from. Hope you are over the moon with them!