Celebrating Life

There is an interesting relationship between celebrating life and having something in life to celebrate. It's kind of like the, '"You find what you are looking for" phrase. When we look to celebrate our life we remember to honor the things in our life that are deserving of being celebrated. When we do this, it plants seeds of desire to have things in our life worthy of celebrating. Looking for good in our life is contagious and when we see a little it invites us to start seeing more.  We automatically find gratitude for the things worthy of celebrating and open space for more things that fit into the "worthy of being celebrated" side of life.

By choosing to celebrate our lives we see the things, and the moments, and the people we love. By seeing them and recognizing this we automatically have a desire create more of it, to live more passionately. 

Thomas Monson said, "You don't find a happy life, you make it."

My echo; You don't find a life worth celebrating you choose to celebrate the life you have. Choose to celebrate. Choose to put forth a tiny bit of effort to celebrate accomplishments and the people and the beauty in your life!

Here's to creating and recognizing life with many areas worthy of celebrating. CHEERS!