Soft Blanket Sheets

Ok guys!  You know all the rage with the really soft blankets??  Something provoked by the feeling you get when you touch the incredible softness. Like when you are in the store and you rub your hands across the soft blanket you just walked by, and as you feel it, you close your eyes and go to your happy place?? And then, you somehow talk yourself into the thought that you need, yet, another soft blanket because it is just so incredibly soft?? Oh my gosh! With these sheets, EVERY NIGHT, I am going to bed with that awesome happy place feeling and EVERY MORNING, the first thing I feel is that incredible softness as I move my feet just a little back and forth inside these incredible sheets.  They were a gift. My Mom is a bit of a QVC fan and they were right on this one!

I had to exchange size/color and they did't have them. So I found the same thing at Bed Bath & Beyond. You can also find them on Amazon. They come in lots of colors and sizes.  

Oh and just a PS for these sheets and for any soft blanket for that matter. You only wash them  in cold and hang dry. Dang. I didn't know this until recently, wish I could rewind on this one. Guess I need some more soft blankets!! LOL!!