Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes

These were such a blast!  Thanks to Aunt Steph the boys had such a fun night at the beach with these fun cubes lighting up their drinks.  These were also mesmerizing to my nephew in the bath.  So many fun ways to use these cute light up, waterproof plastic squares.  They would make a great gift!  You can choose from lots of different colors on the settings and there is also a setting that rotates through all the colors.  Think how much fun this means for a witches green brew on Halloween or fun Christmas colors while driving around at night looking at the lights! They also makes water look deceptively fun! Throw them into a clear container dispensing water to light up a party.

Link for them on Amazon below! The first link is for the cubes that allow you to choose the color. They are about $2.50 per cube.  The second link is for cubes that are a little smaller and they are activated by putting them into the water and they flash through the colors.  They run about $1 per cube. I like them but just keep in mind you will get only  a few uses out of the second ones posted. Hope you have yourself some fun!