About a week ago I was with a couple of friends.  One of them was needing to get home and nurse her sore muscles.  She is training for a marathon and I was genuinally worried when she assumed the position of a squat to finish making our plan.  She was in pain from all that running, crazy girl!  So I said, "oh my gosh I think you need to go home and...."  Thats when the other friend who was with us spoke up and said, "Silver, you need silver."  We all started laughing so hard.  Silver was the last thing my friend needed for sore muscles BUT we all laughed because silver is my solution to most things.  I pretty much think that yoga and silver can fix anything!  LOL!  Seriously though, they can.  Lol - I am kidding!! I seriously wish you could have a little laugh with me about the seriousness behind that conversation and the times I say that to people. Everyone who knows me is probably laughing right now because they know it is true!!! 

My friend Karen was the first person to introduce me to both, colloidal silver liquid and colloidal silver gel.  She gave me a container of the gel, because she is one of the most giving people on this planet, and I, on a whim, or intuition rather grabbed it as a last minute thing when we were walking out the door to Lake Powell.  

That trip or even just the first few hours of parking the houseboat was the scariest I have ever experienced in all of my lake history.  Wind and parking houseboats are not a good combo.  So to make a long story short there was a point that I jumped out of the houseboat, in a hurry, something in relation to how a momma bear feels when her cubs are threatened.  I think they call that self sacrifice! I pushed my paddle down into the water to check for depth and rocks and jumped out just a little further to be safe.  Yeah. Safe.  I jumped right onto a rock.  Yowza! Dang that hurt.  I had a gash on my leg of open skin and a week ahead of me at Lake Powell.  That is like an infection waiting to happen.  

So, I pulled out the silver gel. I used it many times each day.  It formed a sort of natural bandage as I was in and out of the water so much. It is antibacterial, thus keeping infection at bay, (from all that beautiful uncontaminated lake water, right?!)  and my wound shrunk each day, showing quick improvement. I knew during that trip that silver and I were going to have a long relationship and that i would be that crazy friend recommending it to people until my lips were blue, BUT not from silver!! LOL, we will talk about that in a sec. 

The next huge encounter we had with silver was when my oldest son went to a night games birthday party.  In the dark he didn't see the fence knocked over lying on the ground.  He trip and his face was the first to meet a rock on the ground.  The Mom of the party called me before he came home to warn me that his face looked like hamburger.  First thing when he walked in the door?  You guessed it. Silver. We alternated between Aquaphor, to keep the wound soft and then silver, with bandages all over his face.  Within a week that nasty wound was pink skin.  Silver proved its worth once again.  

Now when I treat wounds THIS IS MY PROTOCOL, if the wound is soft I just use silver and a bandage that seals all the way around it.  The sealing all the way around is really important because it doesn't allow the wound to dry out and become hard. IF the wound is hard or scabbed then I mix a little Auquaphor with silver and apply it to the wound again with a bandage that seals all the way around.  

Silver gel is my go to with anything topically on the skin.  It even relieves the pain a little and I love knowing that it is an antibacterial so its not the end of the world if your little one does the whole, "no don't wash it!" thing!  I use it on rashes, open wounds, paper cuts, zits, burns.  Hospitals use it on burns as well, I have always wondered how the strength of the silver gel in the hospital compares to the strength of those you can buy at the health food store. Silver gel comes in many colors by lots of brands.  I have seen clear, yellow silver and green.  My favorite brand doesn't exist anymore.  In the above picture the Zand gel seems more effective to me but it is green in color.  That is why I also like the ASAP brand because it is clear thus being good for facial application, say, on a pimple under your makeup! Here are three links to buy it on Amazon and one for Aquaphor. 

Colloidal silver liquid on the other hand is something you can take internally when your body is fighting infection or sickness.  It is extremely helpful when your body is combating a cold and other sicknesses, especially if you can take it just as soon as you feel any symptoms. You can also spray it into your throat or up your nose.  

So, onto the part about turning blue, YES this is the same thing that made that blue guy that was on Oprah turn blue.  And yes you should do your own research about it.  What I found was that the blue guy was taking a dose of 2 cups per day, everyday.  My silver is about 8 parts per million and I take 2oz in the morning, 2oz at night, only when I am sick. (1oz morning and night for my kids)  So that amounts to 5 to 10 days out of the year.  I also am sure to drink plenty of water during the day so that it flushes through my system, although I have never even heard of that as something you "need" to do.

When buying colloidal silver liquid the parts per million vary widely so be sure to check to make sure you take the proper dosage.  My friend has some that is like 100ppm and only requires the dose of a teaspoon.  Buying the liquid can be expensive but you can also make your own.  K, I know this sounds a little hokey, but I haven't died, or turned blue and I have been doing it for years! Although I am a little crazy! LOL!! But seriously, it is a very simple process.  You just buy distilled water and set it up, which is filling a mason jar with the distilled water, putting the silver rods that are attached to the machine down into the water and set it to run for three hours.  Then you strain it through a coffee filter into amber bottles (without using any metal in the transfer.)  Then you store it in a dark place preferably away from electronics.  Hence the pic below.  Just showing you what my silver liquid looks like and it sits in the back of my closet with the sock over it to block out light.

This is where my friend Karen got the generator to make the silver 

Below is a link to the amber bottles if you want to make it yourself and if you really just don't want to do that, there are a couple of links to purchase it already done.  

Silver has been life changing for me.  Hoping it helps you and your family!