Family Night: Words and Thoughts Have Power, Part 1

First to preface this topic I just want to share the following images for adults to ponder.  These images stir something in me profound and I hope they do for you as well.

Family night is best when the lesson and discussion affects all of us.  This topic, the way we talk to each other can CHANGE OUR LIVES.  I hope it inspires lots of love in your homes and helps you do an internal check on how you can improve and to recognize the tigger points that contribute to the times when you do struggle, we all do.  Recognizing the things we are saying and even just making a conscious effort on just your part can change the entire atmosphere in inside the walls of your home.  I was struggling with one of my kids and when quiet came I felt an overwhelming sense that "he needs you to reach out your hand and show him that you care."  That inspiration was a life changer with that child.  If I show him I care, it changes everything, he would lasso the moon if I told him he could do it.  Every relationship is different, and there are lots in one home.  Here's to taking a look and bringing about a positive change with positive words!

Family Home Evening

Words Have Power, Thoughts Have Power

Part 1


Let us Oft Speak Kind Words to Each Other



Colossians 4:6 "Let your speech be alway(s) with grace..."


What is Grace?????

Ask someone to demonstrate grace in movement (ballet) and then to demonstrate clumsiness or even hate (jerking/think krump!) BECAUSE: it makes everyone laugh, and the opposite always helps us to envision the meaning more fully.  IF you had to choose a way to speak or to be spoken to which would you choose??


Talk a little about the relationship between our words and our feelings.



Emoto water experiment- energy, speech positive thoughts and actions.


Topics you can talk about:

·      Clean vs. Dirty/polluted

·      Positive VS negative words, thought, music

·      Science experiments on rice and words, plants and water.

·      Our bodies are 70% water, what does our “water” look like, how about all the “water” in this room?  What effect do we have on the “water” in the people around us?

·      Self talk.  What is it and what does our self talk sound like? 

·      Energy.  Self talk starts with your energy and what you are feeling.  You give off what you are feeling.  You can feel the energy of those around you.

·      Prayer changing water on a molecular level.  What does it do to our food?



Start your own experiment with rice and water or plants and words.



Continued to next week……