Electric Tea Kettle -- One of my absolute favorite things!


OH, I seriously love this stunning little piece of crockery!  So you know how lots of kids do science experiments that involve watering a plant with water from the faucet and water that has been microwaved and cooled to room temperature?  Well if you don't, they do and the results are sad.  The plant that was fed with the microwaved water struggles or dies.  So this is just one of the tiny reasons that I love this beauty that is now a part of my kitchen repertoire!  

This darling pot boils water in minutes that can be used for oatmeal, instant soups, beverages and the like.  My favorite is making a hot cup of water in the morning with juice from half of a lemon.  The pic below is a picture of it on its base.  

It turns on just by flipping that little switch with the blue light and it shuts off by itself! Another plus is that the bottom of the kettle does not heat up so it is safe to put on surfaces that are not heat resistant.  Can you tell yet that this is a very satisfied purchase for me!?!?!

Below are some of the other cute designs.  Click to check the prices.  They are constantly fluctuating between designs.  Right now these cuties run from $33 to $70, crazy range! They would also make a great gift.