Ear Infections & Lemon Juice


Hi there!  I am so happy to write this post!  This little trick has saved my family and I many rounds of antibiotics. (Which your body can become immune to if you are continually taking them.  I say, save them for when you really need them!) 

I can honestly say, that of all the ear infections we have had, I have only had to repeat this process one time.  My son had an ear infection and I put lemon juice in his ear and by the next morning it still hurt so I had to repeat the application.  That was the only time I have ever had to repeat this process to get rid of an ear infection.  I did tell my Sister and Brother-in-law about it, they tried it on separate occasions, and it didn't work as well for them but I am thinking that maybe that was because they had an inner ear infection. All my other encounters with having kids and ear infections and sharing this tip with friends, to my knowledge, this has always worked.  Nothing to lose right?  But you should beware not to put anything in an ear if the eardrum has ruptured, just a heads up on that one.   

So here's what you do!  Fill the ear with lemon juice.  It can be fresh or from concentrate. Let it sit for three minutes and then place a folded paper towel over the ear and drain.  The lemon juice is usually cold, so it takes a bit to get used to, but it does not hurt.  

This is what I understand, the acid affects the PH of the ear killing the bacteria.  This is something that works very quickly.  Usually by night or next morning ears do not hurt anymore and that is even better than many other remedies out there which is why it is my go to for ear infections.

New moms: if your baby is cranky and acting sick it is usually simple to tell if they have an ear infection.  Just press on the tender part just in front of their ear, if it is, baby will pull away or swat at your hand, asking you to stop touching it.  Then you can pretty much count it being infected.  To do this to a baby you have to hold them down.  Just sing to them, they will thank you for it! -- Oh and one more thing if your baby is getting repeat ear infections, keep their ears out of the water in the bath. Wish I would have known that as a brand new mama!

Hope it helps!