Ascorbic Acid

Forever ago I called my Mom really excited to share some news with her. I had just been canning pears and discovered you could crush a vitamin c tablet and soak fruit in it and that it wouldn't brown, So, when I shared the ground breaking news with my Mom she said, "Of course I know that."  Ok so everybody knows?  Well, I was in the dark!

I guess that is kind of how life is, that we are constantly discovering things and when it finally pertains to us we wake up! So if you are sending kids to school with lunch, or packing picnics or putting together some incredible fruit tray for a party.  This tip is for you.... assuming someone else might be in the dark like I was! 

Ascorbic acid is a staple at our house!  It is in powder form so no crushing involved and it is actually good for you! Its just adding a little extra vitamin c to your day.  You can even stir some up in your water.  Beware of other products that claim to have preserving power they also include...surprise, SUGAR.  Seriously, its the first ingredient.  

Just soak your fruit with some water and about a teaspoon of ascorbic acid for about ten minutes.  Then you can rinse, or not, and like magic hours later, or even longer if you are preserving fruit, it keeps your fruit looking yummy!  OH PS, it also works on avocados!