Work Family Night

WORK: Family Home Evening

This is a short lesson to do before doing a family project like yard work.



“When We’re Helping,” Children’s Songbook, p. 198.


Use sticks or toothpicks to demonstrate the following story.  Even asking your kids to break the single stick and then to try to break them when they are tied into a bundle.

 Aesop was a wise philosopher who would use sticks to illustrate the point of work. He would hold up one stick and ask one of his listeners to break it— which could easily be done. Then he would hold up two sticks, and repeat the process. Then three, and so on until the little bundle of sticks couldn’t be broken, no matter how hard his student tried.

 “Alone, we are weak and easily broken,” Aesop would explain, “but together, we are strong.”


Ask your kids to pretend for a minute that the job you are about to do together was a job only for them to take care of.  Would they like that? Ask them if they would like help.  If they approach the job with the mindset that it is their job and everyone else is there to “help” them, it changes the way they work.  They are happy to have the help vs complaining that they “have” to help you.


What would the world be like if no one worked?

How does work help people?

Read Moses 5:1 & Genesis 3:19

How was Adam’s curse–to eat “by the sweat of his brow”–a blessing?

Discuss tasks or skills family members have completed or worked to develop in the past year. (Such as playing an instrument, eagle scout project, reading, tying shoes, etc.)

Discuss the good feelings that come from completing a task & working hard.

Would there be growth if we were rewarded first?


 “When man is industrious and righteous, then is he happy” -Brigham Young