For the Yogi

This gift idea was inspired by my friend Kendra, who gave me a darling collection of yoga items that I didn't have on my birthday.  It was crazy thoughtful and I loved it!

So, to give this gift you probably want to have an idea of the things your yogi already has, so you know where to go from there. I will create this list in order of importance.

Yoga Necessities:

  • A good mat. This is the most important thing.  The upgrade from my TJ Maxx mat to my Manduka mat was incredible.  The grip, the stability with adequate padding, this mat gets all the thumbs up!  You can choose colors and length.
  • A way to carry the bag.  I like the strap with a small compartment option. This can hide your phone or keys or carry some accessories like a yoga strap.

Yoga Basics:

  • A towel, especially in hot yoga!  The yoga specific towels are very absorbent and non slippery. This allows you to place them over your mat and do yoga on top of them.  This is especially helpful in a hot class where there is a lot of moisture. There are full length towels and hand towels. Yogis can always use more towels!
  • A block
  • A strap
  • Mat wash

Yoga Accessories

  • A subscription to a yoga magazine
  • Yoga inspired jewelry.  I have a pair of OM Alex and Ani earrings.  I love them. They are a quiet statement and love that Alex and Ani comes with a great description of what the piece represents.  It makes gifts extra special.
  • A book to walk you through asanas. This is a super great visual guide.
  • Headbands.  I love the bondi bands. They are perfect in size and do that thing with sweat that is amazing.  They keep it out of your eyes and absorb it. 
  • Yoga wheel. This is fun to play with and can assist in getting into lots of poses.