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my friend megan

Reach up, look up! Being grateful changes your brain. It motivates you to reach out and touch others in positive ways. My friend Tina is one of the most grateful people I know.  She sees all the small things. She orally recognizes the hand of God in the constant beauty that is around her.  She sees the spiritual side of life in all things.  She seeks it. She finds it. She is refreshing.

The practice of being grateful is simple. But why do we we forget? Why must we be reminded to feel gratitude? I guess because we are human.  Because we spend too much time in the world and not enough time recognizing the goodness of God in all aspects of our life. We straight up have overwhelming amounts of built in self-preservation instincts that asks us to put ourselves first!

According to:

Via Happify Daily, being a grateful person can make you experience more positive emotions, sleep better, feel more alive, have stronger immune systems and express more compassion and kindness. Now who doesn't want that!?!

The benefits of being grateful include feeling

  • a sense of abundance in your life
  • appreciation for the ways others contribute to your life
  • recognition for the small pleasures of life
  • reminds you of the importance of expressing gratitude towards others

Quiet time alone. reflection time, orally making statements, writing thoughts down in a journal or on a thank you note, listening to music and expressing gratitude in your prayers are all things that can help you to increase your feelings of gratitude.  

Now that is something I want more of.  More incredible feelings that ultimately lead to feeling more love. Feeling like that means I have more to give. Here's to taking the time to change our brains and allowing our hearts to swell!!