Christmas Advent


OH I feel like a little kid, antsy with anticipation, when I get this ready for my kids.  They absolutely love it and ask for it every year.  This idea came about because I was very perplexed over the waxy chocolate that most advents have, yuck.  My kids had those for a few years and then my oldest suddenly began to taste.  LOL!  He started disliking the waxy chocolate, I can't blame him!  

I wanted to buy my kids a Christmas Lego set but wanted to spread out the fun and as I put this together the ideas just started to fly!  Here's the thing about it.  We do all sorts of Christmas fun anyway so why not get a bunch of Christmas fun ready and prepare it in a way that makes it so much fun for your kids.  Trust me it is just as fun for you! Plus you can plan ahead for things that are happening for you in December.  Say you know you have a work party, and both Mom and Dad will be gone for the night.  Put a Christmas movie and popcorn in the advent for that day. I highly recommend looking through your calendar, so that you can plan when you have time to do activities with the kids and when you need them to have a day where they just have a little something to occupy their minds.  

The logistics are like this.  

  1. Keep it as simple or extravagant as you want.  Have fun things for them but also include things that develop them, and help them to think about others. Include the things that help them to understand life isn't all about them. 
  2. Pick up some Christmasy bags and clothespins.  I used treat bags and wrote the numbers on them. I clip them to our banister. Keep it simple.
  3. Map out what you have going on in December to accommodate your schedule 
  4. Pick some fun things to do and fill in with just a simple, little treat on days in-between activities.
  5. If the item you choose doesn't fit in the bag get creative and leave a note.  I like to wrap it and put the days number on it and place it under the tree.
  6. ALSO, it is fun to "unlock" a treat after they accomplish the task for that day. You can also place these in a separate bag under the tree with that days number on it. Then they look for it after the task. See below for examples*

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Christmas movie
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas book
  • Christmas game
  • Christmas puzzle
  • Christmas legos;
  • Print easy Christmas sheet music for PIANO, UKULELE, HARMONICA
  • Christmas Stories. Here is one of my favorites. 
  • Christmas Anagrams, when you solve them you unlock a treat* (Printable below)
  • Stickers to write Christmas cards to grandparents. Unlock a treat when done!*
  • Money to make Christmas brighter for someone who is struggling. Let them come up with the idea of how to make Christmas special for someone else. Head out to get Christmas shakes when done. (Great for a family night)
  • Make treats for the neighbors, include a mix, treat bags, frosting, cupcake toppers, etc. in advent bag.
  • Christmas craft ideas.
    • Pinterest and Michaels are a go to for this. 
    • I found a wax stick kit and small cross stitch kits at Michaels for super cheap!
  • Christmas coloring or painting. (I bought a paint book at Michaels)
  • Patterns to cut out interesting snowflakes. Click here for link.
  • Christmas window clings
  • Spray on snowflakes
  • Set of cards, markers, stamps or stickers to write letters to grandparents
  • Tickets to a local Christmas play or concert
  • A dare game - Invite friends over and carol houses for a treat
  • MELTING SNOWMAN! This is so fun. My kids play with these for hours!  
  • 3D Glasses - changes the shape of the lights 
  • Gingerbread house kit
  • A small Christmas treat or toy, put double the amount so they can give one away to a friend.  
  • Make Christmas cookies. Include cookie cutters in bag.
  • Snow paint
  • Christmas Charades, here is a printable.

Here's a few things on Amazon.  I recommend checking out Michaels, the Dollar Store, places like that!

Last year we opened it after they had all their tasks done for the day, but this year we are going to open at dinner time so that Dad can get in on the action. Merry Christmas!  Hope this contributes to the spirit at your house!