Video: Teaching Kids to Read

Hi friends!  I hope the video is helpful for you.  Below I will list some of the bullet points that I talk about in detail in the video. Also, one apology from the video.  I talk about the concept of the ninja e in the video.  That is not actually on the leap frog video like I thought.  I have done tons of research to see if I could find it on another one of the leap frog videos that I have seen and I have quizzed my kids and other moms!  To no avail.  My kids think I came up with it.  I remember seeing that ninja e with a mask on!  BUT regardless if I dreamt it or learned it, the concept is crazy valuable when teaching kids to read. So thank you to wherever I learned it! And if you know, comment below!

ABSOLUTELY first and foremost, make reading fun and effortless.  Then while praising & playing with them teach them.  Think of it more as a game instead of a task.  The way you think of it affects how you are being with them.  Use this as a tool by building their confidence.  This happens when you point out what they are doing that is right.

As you go through the following steps with them be sure to expose them to media that reinforces what they are learning. Also be sure to read to them on a consistent basis, at a different time of day than playing the fun games.

Step #1 to teaching kids to read is preparation --- 

  • Teach them sounds and letter names.
  • Teach them vowels, combined letter sounds and simple words.
  • Teach them sight words with flash cards

Step #2 - Once your child can do those things continue to praise and build their confidence by actually sitting down with them to read. Start with a leveled library.

  • Find their level.
    • When finding that sweet spot that challenges your child with a few new words praise them and show them you are impressed. 
  • Repeat first book daily until they pass it off. 
    • Passing it off is essentially reading the book completely on their own with no help. 
    • NOTE - Be sure to assist with words they struggle with. Not allowing them to sound out the word for long on their own. Then, go back and review all words they needed help with. They should be on a level where they are needing help with 3 to 5 words in the book. Then as they repeat the book daily they learn those words and move on to the next book after they read the current book with no help.
  • Move on to the next book and repeat the process.

Teaching your kids to read takes 10 minutes each day or as often as you prefer.  Keep it short, simple and fun!

Below are the links to the products I mentioned in the video. They are fantastic.  These specific videos, in my opinion trump all other leap videos.