Coconut Curry Butternut Bisque

This is a recipe is a huge shout out to my friends over at Our Best Bites.  I seriously love the stuff these girls do and have found so many hits from their website.  Check them out.  They make this same soup but I make it a little different.  I prefer to bake the squash first, making the whole squash process a little easier.  Either way the soup is always a hit!  Hope you love it! 


1 butternut squash

1 onion

3 cups chicken broth

3 Tbl + 1 tea Thai Kitchen red curry paste

Juice from 1 fresh lime

I can lite coconut milk


Serve with:

Shredded coconut



Preheat oven to 350 degree. Cut squash in half, scoop it clean and place on a cookie sheet cut side down.  Poor a little water around the squash and place it into the oven.  Cook for 45 minutes or until tender.  You will still cook it a little in the soup so no need to be overly soft at this stage.

Remove squash from the oven. Flip squash over and allow it to cool. When it is cooled down a little scoop the squash out of the skin.

Cut onion and sauté with a little olive oil in a large pot.  Then add curry paste and stir into the onion for just a minute or two.  Then add the chicken broth, squash and simmer for about 5 minutes letting the flavors meld together. 

Turn heat off.  Add coconut milk and lime juice.  Stir together.  Blend the soup in batches, taking care not to overfill your blender. When finished, combine all batches back into the pot.  Soup may need some salt so give it a little taste test.  Simmer until you are ready to serve. Serve with fresh cilantro & coconut and maybe a side salad!  Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Our Best Bites