Cure for warts

Heres the deal.  ALL of us get them.  And seriously what is the deal with kids and warts?  They are much more prone to warts than adults.  And because warts are contagious they can spread, which means if they are not taken care of you can end up with lots of them in one spot.

So finding this cure was heaven sent for me.  I was in college, on the hip-hop team at ASU.  I had a couple warts on the side of my knee.  They. Would. Not. Go. Away. It wasn't fun.  I had them burned off and froze off (yes two different things the doc does) multiple times.  After a few rounds of trying to get rid of them, I began to realize what was making them spread so much.  It was the knee pads I was using for dance.  So I got that part under control by constantly disinfecting my knee pads and covering the warts with bandages when using the knee pads. Had them burned off again. Still no dice.  I couldn't get them under control.

Then I walked into a health food store.  They had this massive dictionary of natural cures sitting on the counter.  It peaked my interest and I looked up the cure for warts.  It was garlic!  I used the method. I had to repeat it two times. BUT IT WORKED!  I was thrilled.  And now that little trick has helped me so much as a mom.  

Through the years I have learned that apple cider vinegar works as well and It is little less potent.  So I usually try apple cider vinegar first and then move to garlic if it doesn't touch it.  

THE METHOD - do this just before going to bed.

Here's what you do.  First you carefully apply vaseline to the area around the wart. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.  The garlic and apple cider are abrasive and you want it to kill the wart not the skin around it!  Be careful to apply to the skin right up next to the wart and not the skin.  This will form a protective barrier for the skin.

Second you apply garlic or vinegar, depending on the method you are trying.  To apply the garlic, mince a fresh clove and with tweezers apply just enough to cover the wart.  Less is more here!  Seriously with food, in recipes, I tend to through a little extra garlic in, i love the flavor! BUT for this, trust me less is more.  My nephew has a great story, which keeps his thinking really highly of me, when he had to remove the bandages off his hands because I had I had over done the applying part, thinking, if some is good more is better!  TRUST & LISTEN. Just put enough to cover the tiny little head where the wart is.   Same goes for the apple cider vinegar.  you don't want the juices leaking all over the body!  Rip a tiny piece of cotton off of a  cotton ball dip it in apple cider vinegar and give it a little squeeze so you don't get too much. The idea is to have enough to penetrate just the wart.  If it is small, cover with a band-aid and if not then use a little gauze and medical tape. 

Then go to bed! The timing is important because it does sting a little.  You want it to.  That means it is working.  BUT again you want to be sure it is only stinging on the wart not the surrounding area.  In the morning remove the bandage.  The wart may look irritated and will eventually turn black and fall off or it will turn into a blister and pop.

After that happens, treat the open wound with silver. You can learn about that here.  And bada bing bada boom, no more warts!  Man, see what cool things happen when we share experiences, even on topics that are kinda gross??  Happy healing!