Beets and Beet Greens

Beets!  OH my goodness!  I love beets in all forms! When you ask my kids what their favorite veggie is, they will probably tell you beets. They love the beets and the beet greens. They love the taste and are super encouraged to eat a lot of them because beets in large quantities does something interesting to your alone time in the bathroom. They think it is hilarious that beets have the power to tint waste. SO, nonetheless, that is one of the things they tell friends who may be at our house trying beets for the first time in their lives!  Kids love that topic. Whatever. Sometimes I feel like, SERIOUSLY? And sometimes their amusement makes me laugh right along side them!

In fact there is a funny story that floats around people that know me well. And it is telling so I will oblige in sharing with you.  So my oldest at the time was at a friends house. He.was probably 10 at the time.  The friends Mom, Allison, decided to cook some beet greens. She did this only because her father-in-law brought them over. He grew them and wanted to share. Allison, however, had never tried them in her life and was a little unsure of the popularity they would have in her house. Hoping for the best she followed the simple instructions to boil them. When they were done she thought she would get a pretty wild reaction out of all the kids. She took the pot of cooked beet greens and a spoon near the kids. When they could see her she.jokingly lifted a spoonful of dripping greens and said, "Hey kids, does anyone want beet greens?" She said she was surprised when my oldest looked up an answered her eagerly in the affirmative, that yes he would like some and that he loved beet greens! She tells this story among friends and we laugh.

I am surprised at how many people I encounter that haven't even tried beets outside of the canned things that await you at the salad bar. OH if you are one of these, you are missing out!! Thanks to my garden loving family and grandparents I grew up with beets as a staple. If you try them you just might love them like we do. Don't be scared. They are easy and my mouth is salivating now just trying to describe to you how much I love them!

So I will share with you the way that we eat beats most often at our house.  ALTHOUGH I do love beets in many forms, our favorite & go to way to eat beets, is to boil them and then too serve them with mayo and salt. Like this...

I usually buy a few bunches. We cook the greens within the first two days of having them home and then the beets a few nights later.  The beets without the beet greens keep longer in your fridge, think potato...

So to partake in this goodness just follow these simple instructions.


Trim them from the beets. Wash them well and discard any that look like they have seen better days. Then put them all in a large pot with some water in the bottom, add a lid and steam until tender. This takes about 10-15 minutes. Then drain and serve with a little mayo and salt.


Cut off the ends and peel. (If you grow them organically you can skip this step and wash them instead. But I only recommend this if you can tell that the skin is thin. Too much skin makes for a more woody taste.) Dice into something resembling one inch cubes. Put them in a large sauce pan and boil until tender. This usually takes about 20 minutes. Then serve hot with mayo and salt!  Ohhhh yum! Enjoy!