Gift Idea: Mini Masseuse

This nifty tool speeds up recovery for all types of injuries and sore muscles.  It is an electronic stimulation machine, also known as a stim machine or a tens machine. It makes for a great gift for any active or sports enthused person! We were given this for Christmas years ago and it has helped almost everyone in our family heal from sore or strained muscles, sprained ankles, back aches, a neck injury, a shoulder injury a foot injury and the like. We have even lent it out many times to help friends get relief too. It is fantastic!


  • It sends a bioelectric stimulus into your muscles. This feels a little like a massage. It increases blood circulation in the area it is working. It helps to reduce tension and knots. It also reduces inflammation. Sometimes healing slows down significantly when an injury occurs in an area with low blood flow. Thus it makes sense that increasing the blood flow to the injured area decreases healing time.  


  • You apply the little pads near the injury and choose the mode and intensity that you like.  Then you just sit back and let it do the work!  It pulses while you watch a movie, read a book, work or surf the internet. The body part you are working just has to be still. 

The one that I have and love is the Mini Masseuse Pro. And you can check it out here. It has been great. We have used it for years and rarely change the batteries and it also has a power source that you can plug in.  It runs about $100 more than the ones in the links below on Amazon so I think they would be worth a shot.  I am giving one away as a gift as well, the first one posted, so I will updated later and tell you how that one is. Here's to healing and feeling great!