Teenage Boy Party

This party was a hit and it was pretty simple to pull off!  Boys don't really care about lots of time consuming extras.  As long as you make sure there is something that is engaging and that there is food I think almost any party them for boys could be a blast.

So in a nutshell we played night games and had a waffle bar, here are the details...


The first game we played after everyone arrived is called FUGITIVE. I have also heard it called 007.  The players map out a starting and ending point with about a mile in-between.  Ours started at a school and went to a church.  We all gathered at the school and then the cars left.  Our job, the cars, was to drive to the church and on the way back try to find the boys.  The boys try to make it to the church without being caught by the people in the vehicles.  If they get caught they pile in the vehicle and help to find the other boys.  

This game is a lot of sneaking, ducking, running, hiding... all things boys love to do!  Please be safe while playing!  I seriously recommend only allowing adults to drive while playing and to use caution.  Also don't be afraid to set some rules like to be respectful and no going in backyards.  We played twice, the boys loved it. Then we headed back home to our backyard.

Add any lights, or glow in the dark items you can find!  I forgot to grab a picture but I set out a clear water dispenser and added these glow in the dark ice cubes and set them to the strobe setting.  That was pretty cool and we had this speaker that was perfect for the music and party lights. We actually bought the speaker last year at Christmas time and have used it a ton! It is loads of fun.

The waffle bar was also very simple and a total hit.  I prepped the batter and toppings before the party.  I borrowed a bunch of waffle irons so I would have enough to crank out the waffles for lots of boys.  THE only thing I wish i knew before this party was to distribute the power load.  We had lights and the strip for the waffle irons plugged into the same outlet.  I thought it was Christmas vacation.  We tripped the breaker. Then I moved the the extension chord for just the waffle irons into the kitchen and we tripped the breaker again!  So, lesson learned.  Plug them in two's into separate outlets. 

For the waffle toppings I cut strawberries and set out chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and whip cream.  I also put out butter and syrup.  AND if you have never tried Trader Joes cookie butter drizzled over waffles, you are missing out and should give it a go!  With strawberries and whip cream.

Then we played a really great game that Coach Jake came up with.  We dangled $1 bills from the upper 90 corners of two soccer nets and the boys lined up!  Anyone that hit the $ was handed a fresh crisp dollar bill.  The boys - all of them - not just the soccer kids - loved it.  Its funny how much they wanted to hit it! We did like 15 $1 bills and when they ran out they ran out, but it lasted quite a while with the boys having plenty of chances. That added such a fun element to the party.  

Wishing you the best in planning your upcoming event! Remember, especially with teen boys, keep it simple!